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While definitely aimed at the gaming aficionado, TIGSource offers some surprisingly accessible content for those of us who escaped our mother’s basement. Stalwart in its dedication to independent or old-school games, TIGSource eschews the new breed of mega-bit 3-D phonies for the charm and innovation of smaller—often free—works of gaming genius.

The array of games surveyed here is as wide as it is deep, featuring everything from independent adventures starring down-and-out rabbis cracking murder cases to shoot ’em ups that pit you against a constant stream of 34-bit carnage. My personal favorite is Facade, an interactive storytelling game that employs advanced speech parsing and artificial intelligence to create an “intense, one-act play,” putting you in the middle of lover’s quarrel that just might end in divorce—which is shamefully more entertaining than it sounds. Do not be put off by the impenetrable lingo and snarky nerd zeal—instead, seek out their Top 50 Indie Games List and branch out from there.

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