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It is easy to stumble across 43 Folders and assume it is a site that helps you procrastinate while you have work to do. Once you begin to read more, it becomes clear that the site’s true objective is the exact opposite. Articles titled “Right Now, What Are You Doing?” and “Making Time to Make” all seem to contain a hidden agenda. Suddenly the message is not so covert. This site is all about making it possible to find time in a busy schedule to do the creative work you are capable of. Founder Merlin Mann gently prods viewers into their best selves by pinpointing their flaws and offering seemingly simple solutions to “patch your personal suck.” Feeling as if your life is a little lackluster? Do you lack the time and energy to produce truly creative projects? Find a bit of time to read about managing your schedule on 43 Folders, and begin to make work you are interested in and proud of. Before you know it, the time will be stacking up and you’ll be creating your best work yet.

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