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3 best video cameras for kids

With the massive popularity of video-streaming sites like YouTube, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the video-making craze—including your kids.

Before portable, child-friendly camcorders came along, giving kids an expensive piece of video recording equipment was either an expensive mistake or just pointless, as these kinds of videocams often featured totally incomprehensible shooting and editing functions for the under-10 crowd (and for many of their parents, too).

No more. Here are three highly functional, portable, and kid-friendly video cameras, which make recording videos accessible to just about anyone.

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  1. Flip Ultra Series Camcorder
    The original and most popular authority in portable video cameras, the Flip’s one-touch recording and simple interface have made it a hit with parents the world over. Celebrities like Conan O’Brien have been spotted recording precious family moments onto the Flip’s flash memory drive, which can then be easily connected to any television for viewing later. The Flip also features video quality that rivals some much more expensive (and definitely less child-friendly) video cameras. Available in a thinner Mino version, as well as HD, 30-minute, and 60-minute capacities, the Flip is the perfect camcorder that’s easy for both parent and child.
  2. Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera
    With Kodak’s Zi8, kids can become the director of their very own films; the Zi8 puts you in charge of all aspects of the video-making process, from the shooting to editing. The Zi8 also offers a larger-than-average 2.5-inch display, which makes it easy for kids and adults alike to view their high-quality HD films. Kids and young adults will love the dynamic personalization features, which allow users to add their own music and pictures, making each video a true creative product. The Kodak really does seem to offer everything you might need in a kid-friendly portable camcorder: HD-quality picture with user-friendly functions and built-in editing software.
  3. RCA Small Wonder Point-and-Shoot Camcorder
    RCA’S Small Wonder features perhaps the simplest interface out of all the portable kid-friendly camcorders out there. The control panel features the most basic of buttons (play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and delete), which makes capturing, viewing, and editing high-quality videos as hassle-free as possible. Gone are the days of searching and fumbling around for the USB connector cable to your video camera: the Small Wonder’s USB cord is built-in and retractable so it’s there when you need to connect to your computer, and out of the way when you (or your child) are recording videos. With simple but practical features like these, RCA’s Small Wonder is a great way to familiarize a young child with video technology, and easy to navigate for adults as well.

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