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One of the most intriguing aspects of the Twitter revolution is presence of celebrities (Demi and Ashton come to mind), politicians and social figures, as well large syndicates like CNN and the BBC. All this has further revolutionized how members of the general public keep themselves up to date with their favorite celebrities and the latest news from around the world. Twitaholic, formerly known as Twitterholic, is a website that displays real-time statistics of Twitter’s most popular users based on the number of followers, friends, and updates that — surprise, surprise — tend to be popular celebrities and news feeds from publications like The New York Times. Twitaholic is a handy website for true Twitter-holics out there who want to ensure that they’re staying in the loop by following the most prolific tweeters. Want to get on the list yourself? The people behind Twitaholic are quick to assure us it is possible to be included by simply updating as often as possible. Landing a placement onto Twitaholic’s Top 100 section should be enough incentive for serious tweeters out there.

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