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There’s a reason Twitter isn’t in this product’s name; it’s about more than just Twitter. With its support for Twitter, Facebook and dozens of other websites and services, AlertThingy gives you the power to “take control of your life streams” and get the most out of the web — especially social media. Get updates on your Facebook friends. Get alerts of new products on Amazon that match your specified keywords. Stay in touch and in control of work even when you’re away from the office with built-in support for Basecamp, Yammer and Huddle. And, of course, stay up-to-date with your all-important Twitter stream. It has all the necessary Twitter features, as well as a handy tool that lets you sort your feed to show only the tweets that it thinks you might find interesting (based on your flagging of previous tweets as “Very Interesting,” “Interesting” or “Less Interesting”). AlertThingy’s creators might not have spent a lot of time developing a creative name for their application, but they certainly put a lot of time into cramming plenty of features and services into it.

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