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CNN: 50 new and cool tech tools

CNN’s got a somewhat random list of technology tools. What’s the point of the list? No point, really, other than to direct you to a hodge-podge of social media websites, mobile apps, and the like.

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5 reasons you need to start using Google+

Google+ is everywhere. The mainstream media, the blogosphere, Twitter, and elsewhere. And even though it’s gotten some rave reviews, you may be wondering: “I don’t need another social network, do I?” Yes, you do, at least according to author Chris Brogan, who’s got a list of 10 things marketers need to know about Google+. And […]

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Don’t let your social networking ruin your career

It’s nothing new that social media is a deeply-integrated part of modern life — especially among members of the younger generations — but what you might not realize is how your personal life can (and often will) affect your professional life.

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Google buzz generating lots of buzz: a roundup

Google doesn’t have to do all that much to generate buzz—the company’s pretty much a buzz machine these days—but with its launch of Google Buzz, there’s a lot to discuss and evaluate, the technology world’s buzz evaluators are going wild.

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The Twitter Book

“The Twitter Book”

Anyone aiming to make sense of Twitter, whether for professional or personal use, will gain insights from the smart, savvy advice in “The Twitter Book.”

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Get your tweet on and keep track of all your other social media and work accounts at the same time.

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Twitter Means Business

“Twitter Means Business”

This book argues that if your company isn’t on Twitter, you’re probably missing out on a valuable opportunity.

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Twitter Revolution

“Twitter Revolution”

The book “Twitter Revolution” helps you to stay on the cutting edge with a look at how Twitter is changing the business world (and how you can take advantage of it).

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Twitter Power

“Twitter Power”

Learn how to turn your business into a Twitter success story from the expert on making money online.

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On Twitter: Barack Obama

Barack Obama made social media history by becoming the first United States president to use Twitter.

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