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Let’s all just admit that the official Twitter interface is a little flawed. It’s lacking some basic must-have features found on other third-party applications, and it can get pretty irritating that it doesn’t automatically refresh. TwitZap is a browser-based alternative to the official Twitter interface that not only updates itself, but also combines plenty more features to enhance your Twitter experience. Rolling over a tweet produces four options (as opposed to Twitter’s two) that will let you not only favorite that tweet and reply to that user, but direct message that user and retweet that tweet as well. If that wasn’t enough, TwitZap lets you create “channels” that allow you to track tweets in the public timeline that include your specified keywords. Posting a tweet on TwitZap is enhanced as well: From the “Post” dialog box, you can click a button to shorten your URLs or upload a file to share with your followers.

Visit TwitZap.

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