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Flutter: The New Twitter

First there was blogging, then microblogging, so now you might be wondering: What’s next? Slate V takes a comedic look at the future of social media with a hilarious mockumentary titled “Flutter: The New Twitter.” The video takes the social networking trend of self-importance and bite-sized updates to the extreme, offering a site called Flutter that limits its users’ updates (or “flaps”) to 26 characters — the size of the alphabet — or nanoblogging. “It just takes too long to compose a message with 140 characters,” the site’s co-creator says. “Flutter” is so funny not only because of its spot-on skewering of social media, but also because of its genius portrayal of the people behind 21st-century web trends. The fictional creators of Flutter are two laid-back, college-dropout hipsters. They’re so smarmy and earnest, you almost believe they’re real.

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