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Big Machine: A Novel

“Big Machine”

Far-fetched yet poignant, “Big Machine” is an epic combination of crazy characters and loopy plotlines that will have readers laughing.

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Flutter: The New Twitter

This laugh-out-loud mockumentary from Slate V takes a look at what could be the next big trend in nanoblogging.

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“Sell the Vatican, Feed the World”

Sarah Silverman, known for her controversial brand of humor, brings us her innovative — and hilarious — plan to end world hunger

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“Sandra Lee Seizure”

If you’ve ever watched Sandra Lee on Food Network, you’ll recognize her extremely limited vocabulary, assembled here in a handy montage.

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“‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ – Literal Version”

The video was ridiculous enough on its own, but then someone went and redubbed it with even more ridiculous lyrics.

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“I’m on a Boat”

Andy Samberg and the guys of Lonely Island have had many hits on “SNL,” but this one exploded as the group prepared its debut album.

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Comedy Central

You want to laugh? Go ahead, laugh. Comedy Central pretty much guarantees seriously explosive laughter.

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