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3 easy ways to use custom fonts online

If you’ve ever designed a website, it’s likely that, at some point, you’ve been frustrated with the lack of flexibility and customization when it comes to using your favorite fonts online. If an individual user doesn’t have the font you’re trying to use, it won’t display correctly on his or her end.

Embedding your own special fonts on a web page in the past usually involved unnecessarily complicated workarounds in order to get them to work — beyond the skill or patience of most amateur Web designers.

But recent advances in CSS have made it possible — and dare I say, easy? — for even the most novice designers to use more than just your everyday Verdana and Times New Roman on their sites, with very little coding needed. The best part? While some sites will try to charge you a monthly fee for complicated and restrictive web font services, these three options are easy, flexible, and completely free.

  1. Google Font API
    By far the easiest option, Google lets you choose from a limited list of fonts and then gives you only *two lines of code* to make it work on your site.
  2. Font Squirrel
    The options here are limitless; choose one of their thousands of free professional fonts, or upload your own and get all the necessary files downloaded straight to your desktop in a handy .zip file.
  3. Web Fonts
    Name recognition is a big selling point here, as offers you a short script to embed your favorite well-known professional fonts (like Univers, Avant-Garde and Helvetica) on any web page.

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