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5 great sources for Android news and reviews

When the Android mobile operating system overtook the iPhone in terms of market share, it became clear that Android was officially worth watching.

It may have started off as an iPhone-wannabe, but now this open-source platform is exploding in popularity, thanks to big sellers like Verizon’s Droid. (An interesting note: Many of the bestselling Android-based phones feature full physical keyboards, suggesting that Apple’s touch-only keyboard is a big turn-off to some consumers.)

Unless you’re already immersed in the tech world, it can be difficult to find resources for news, reviews, and general info regarding Android, but we’ve gone through the trouble of rounding up some of the best Android-centric blogs on the Web.

  1. Android and Me
    The sleek, classy design and wealth of features (including app/game reviews and an Android accessory store) make this a must-read.
  2. Phandroid
    Phandroid was one of the first all-Android blogs to hit the Web, so it’s no surprise that it’s constantly up-to-date with the freshest Android news.
  3. AndroidGuys
    This friendly and accessible Android blog keeps things simple with a clean interface that makes quick reading a breeze.
  4. Engadget
    Engadget might not focus primarily on Android news, but the tech experts here can do breaking gadget news like no one else.
  5. Gizmodo
    Even though the guys at Gizmodo are unabashed Apple fans, they take time out of their day to show Android a little love as well.

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