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Tweet this: the celebrity Twitter war

Twitter might have started off as a niche network for techies and social media early adopters, but now the most famous people in the world have hopped on the 140-character bandwagon and are vying to have the most followers.

In 2009, Ashton Kutcher made news online and off when he became the first person on Twitter to gain one million followers. Now, a year later, he’s still battling other famous names for the title of Twitter King/Queen in the ultimate online popularity contest. They all want to be known as the person on Twitter with the most followers, even if it’s purely for show.

You might be surprised, though, to learn who Kutcher’s biggest rivals are in this showdown for digital cred: Talk show host Ellen Degeneres and pop star Britney Spears (who just broke the huge 5 million followers mark).

Gone are the days when tech gurus ruled the Twitter ranks; Twitter has officially broken into the mainstream. Is this proof that Twitter is here to stay, or a sign that Twitter is the new MySpace?

Check out Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears on the Twitter 100 list.

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