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5 websites to create custom shoes, soda bottles, and other products

Have you ever wanted hot pink running shoes with fluorescent yellow laces and your name stitched along the backside? Or how about a soda bottle complete with a label displaying that photo of your Dad winning the Cher look-a-like contest in 1979? Doesn’t sound like you? Us either. But the cool thing is these five websites allow you to create customized products like shoes, travel bags, and yes, even soda bottles, in just a few easy steps. So whether you really do want to embarrass your Dad at the next family reunion, or you’re simply in the market for a new pair of shoes tailored to your exact needs, unleash the inner designer you always knew you were and click away until you’ve created a personal masterpiece that even Michelangelo would approve of.

  1. My Jones Soda
    Whip up your own Jones soda bottle, complete with a custom flavor, personalized label, and hidden message underneath the bottle cap.
  2. Timbuk2
    The days of you searching through an endless sea of black bags at the airport terminal are over thanks to Timbuk2. Choose from custom fabrics, sizes, and accessories to produce your perfect messenger, laptop, or travel bag.
  3. indiDenim
    A virtual jeans factory at your fingertips, this site allows you to customize every inch of your denim to ensure your pair will be one of a kind.
  4. Spoonflower
    Become an interior designer with just one click. Upload your favorite design or photo to Spoonflower and they’ll turn it into endless yards of organic cotton fabric, heavyweight upholstery, or even a linen canvas for you.
  5. NIKEid
    Design your shoes and workout clothes to your exact needs at NIKEid. Options like limited edition art and personalized embroidery guarantee you’ll be customized from head to toe.

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