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3 top televisions for the 3D experience

3D movies. We’ve all watched at least one. There you are, sitting in your seat at the movie theater; popcorn in one hand, a Coca-Cola in the other, and those dreaded 3D glasses clinging to your face, giving you a painstakingly-awkward feeling comparable to your eighth grade yearbook photo.

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3 best rugged cameras for adventure travel

Dust, water, extreme heat, freezing temperatures—all the elements that make an adventure-seeker’s heart pitter-patter with delight, while at the same time giving an avid photographer a pseudo heart attack.

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5 smartphones for photography junkies

Thanks to recent improvements in smartphones and their photo-taking capabilities, no longer are the days where a photo snapped via your mobile phone leaves you wishing your paparazzi-sized SLR was in reach.

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Random trivia: real names of fictitious characters

Have you ever found yourself eating a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, staring at the box and wondering what the captain’s real name was?

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5 websites to create custom shoes, soda bottles, and other products

Have you ever wanted hot pink running shoes with fluorescent yellow laces and your name stitched along the backside?

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3 awesome cupcake blogs to sweeten your day

Put aside your typical vanilla cupcake recipe and gear up for some mouthwatering, one-of-a-kind cupcakes courtesy of these delicious blogs.

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