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Bildy: Online content management simplified

Jumping into the world of Web content management systems (CMS) can be a scary process. Unless you know your way around servers and databases, the task of installing a CMS like Drupal or Joomla can be incredibly daunting (I don’t know a thing about creating databases and or setting up PHP files), and sorting through the tech jargon should really be left to the well-versed Web pros.

But a new Finnish Web content management system (CMS) is working to make the CMS process simpler, more customizable, and extremely intuitive.

Bildy is an innovative CMS that anyone with a solid understanding of HTML and CSS can get up and running, and what makes it unique is that you can customize your interface experience to fit your (or your client’s) exact needs. Basically, what this means is that you create simple and extremely flexible forms (text fields, check boxes, etc.) that allow you to get rid of the clutter of too many options and customize the page-creation process with only the information you need.

If you need an event page, for example, simply create a “data model” that contains fields for the date, time, and number of guests of an event, as well as a photo gallery, and then create as many pages as you want based on this data model. These pages will display only the information you selected for the data model. You can create as many data models as you need for your site’s various content types, which makes it easier to quickly and efficiently input and output only the information you need for a specific purpose.

Bildy also allows you to apply your own custom CSS templates to your pages and data models, resulting in endless flexibility.

The slick and responsive drag-and-drop menus, which let you sort everything from images to whole pages, create a truly all-inclusive experience. If you don’t want to use an FTP server to upload your files, you don’t have to; simply mass-upload them all using the browser-based Bildy interface. It really is that easy.

Bildy, is, however, fairly new — so expect a minor bug or two. But the innovative team behind this CMS is always working to improve the Bildy experience. If you’re wary or unsure, try the service out on Bildy’s test server and get the feel for what it feels like to fully customize your CMS experience.

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