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5 cutting-edge blogs for aspiring Web designers

When you want to learn Web design, your first thought might be to pay for expensive (and usually outdated) courses from a college or community center.

You don’t have to spend a single dollar or sit in a stuffy classroom to learn HTML and CSS — that is, if you’re willing to do most of the dirty work yourself. The Web is full of resources for aspiring self-learners who want to conquer Web design on their own, so you can learn the basics of coding from the comfort of your desktop.

These five blogs, on the other hand, aren’t for site-building newbies who don’t the first thing about <div>s and SEO. The best part about these blogs is that their authors are the people on the cutting edge of Web design, the ones working to push Web standards further with every technological advancement of HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc. A boring Web design class won’t teach you how to implement HTML5 or how to create cross-browser CSS3 buttons, so do yourself a favor and read these blogs that will redefine your idea of Web standards.

  1. Smashing Magazine
    This blog is more about theory than technique, providing any Web designer a solid, well-rounded theoretical base upon which to build their design skills (which is necessary to be a truly great designer).
  2. Nettuts+
    The people at the Tuts+ Network know their tutorials, having created tutorial sites for Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and more, so of course they’ve turned to the next logical frontier: the Web. And with tips on WordPress, SQL, and CSS, it’s clear that they know what they’re talking about.
  3. WebAppers
    If mastering interactive Web design is your goal, then WebAppers is the blog for you. From jQuery plugins to online shopping platforms, WebAppers covers everything Web 2.0.
  4. Dzine Blog
    Dzine Blog delivers exactly what it promises: inspiration and resources for Web design. After all, imitation is supposedly the sincerest form of flattery, right? And there’s no shortage of truly inspiring designs here to help you expand your design horizons.
  5. WebDesignerWall
    This blog’s author, who also runs the sites IconDock and Best Web Gallery, knows good Web design from every angle, and he’s putting that knowledge to good use by teaching us how to accomplish what he already has.

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