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GetGlue: Check into movies, music, TV, and more

It’s great being able to use foursquare and Gowalla to check into your favorite restaurants, bars, and concert halls, but how many times have you found yourself wishing you could check into a movie or TV show and then share it with friends?

GetGlue is a media-based social networking service that makes it possible to do exactly that.

Using the iPhone app or the GetGlue website, you check into movies, TV shows, music, video games, celebrities, and even wine, as you’re enjoying them, and then see a feed of the media your friends are consuming.

But it doesn’t stop there: GetGlue includes a feature in which you “like” your favorite things, which then results in a customized list of recommended movies, TV shows, music, and video games for you. It’s like foursquare meets meets Flickster.

The more times you check into media, and the more media you “like,” the more stickers you can earn for your achievements (similar to foursquare’s badges and Gowalla’s pins). Check into “Dexter” enough times and you’ll earn the special “Dexter” sticker, or like 50 TV shows and earn the “Couch Potato” sticker.

Check it out, and put your rabid media consumption to use for you.

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