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Samsung prepares its iPad competitor: the Galaxy Tab

It just might be the worst-kept secret ever, but Samsung has confirmed that it’s developing an Android-based tablet, called the Galaxy Tab.

With Apple and Android going head-to-head in the cell phone industry, it only makes sense for Android to make the leap to tablet computing as well. But Apple’s iPad has been insanely successful since it debuted in April 2010, which begs the question: Will the Galaxy Tab be a strong enough case for Android as a tablet OS?

Will anyone really care about the Galaxy Tab if iPad is the first word that comes to mind at the mention of a tablet? Will it be the iPod all over again, where everyone tries to emulate its success and inevitably fails?

We might not know for sure until September 2, when Samsung is set to unveil more information about the device.

Check out a teaser video for the much-anticipated tablet:

(via InformationWeek)

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