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5 resources to help you get involved in the QR code craze

You’ve probably seen QR codes sprinkled around here and there (especially if you’re an Android phone owner), but what are these mysterious little boxes full of little black squares?

They’re what’s known as 2D barcodes. Unlike traditional barcodes, which feature a series of straight lines, these barcodes are laid out in a matrix and can hold much more information, which make them ideal for transporting short text-based messages (such as URLs, text messages, or e-mails).

Simply use your smartphone’s camera to scan a QR code (via a reader app, such as Barcode Scanner or QuickMark), and you’ll instantly be rewarded with whatever content has been embedded in the code, whether it’s a URL, a friend’s contact information, or a simple text message.

If you’re a little confused, don’t worry; these five resources have everything you need to get ahead of the tech curve and start using QR codes.

  1. Barcode Scanner for Android
    This popular Android app lets you use your camera’s phone to read both traditional barcodes and QR codes, and as an added bonus, you can create QR codes to share an app, bookmark, contact, or text from your clipboard straight from your phone.
  2. Delivr QR code generator
    This super-robust QR code generator gives you all the options you need to create just about any kind of code you can imagine. Want to link to an Android app? No problem. Want to link to a Google Maps location? Simple. There are few limits to how creative you can be with Delivr’s code generation service.
  3. Top 5 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes
    This no-nonsense guide to using QR codes treats the barcodes as if they’re the wave of the future (and they might be).
  4. 20 QR Code Business Cards Design Inspiration
    It’s hard not to get excited about QR codes’ possibilities when you read dzineblog’s roundup of creative business cards bearing the little square codes.
  5. How to Use QR Codes for Small Business Marketing
    It’s no surprise that the business world has really embraced QR codes because of their emphasis on interactivity. If you have a small business of your own, check out OPEN Forum’s guide to utilizing QR codes to build your brand and draw in more business.


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