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7 best point-and-shoot cameras with manual settings

It turns out you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to take amazing photos — or to have control over the look of your photos.

While many point-and-shoot cameras tend to shy away from advanced features and options in favor of mass-market usability, Macworld recently published a list of seven great point-and-shoot cameras that do the exact opposite, offering the manual settings necessary to turn any amateur photobuff’s work into professional-looking photography.

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly?) Sony is nowhere to be seen on the list; rather, heavy-hitters Canon and Panasonic nab the top two spots.

The #1 spot goes to the  Canon PowerShot S90. Canon is pretty well known for making quality cameras, and this one is no different; while it’s small and light, it crams in tons of features such as 10 megapixels and plenty of exposure and color settings.

Another notable entry on the list is the  Casio Exilim EX-FH100, which features great battery life, high-speed shooting (great for shots with lots of motion), and the ability to shoot photos in Raw format.

So before you drain your wallet on that fancy DSLR you’ve been eyeing, check out Macworld’s in-depth list to see if maybe there’s a point-and-shoot camera offering all the option you need.

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