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RockMelt browser brings surfing and social networking together

It might look like Google Chrome at first, but RockMelt is an interesting new browser (in an already crowded sea of browsers) that aims to integrate social networking and sharing into the web browsing experience like never before.

Using sidebars called “edges,” RockMelt displays your various social networks on the right-hand side of your browser (Facebook and Twitter seem to be the only networks supported so far), and clicking on your avatar pops us a clean, easy-to-read feed of all the latest activity. It does this all within your browser with a slick user interface, making multitasking easier and faster than ever.

But it doesn’t stop at mere twitter feeds: On the left-hand side of your browser, there’s the Facebook Chat “edge,” which displays your Facebook friends with little green dots to let you know that they’re online. Clicking their avatars brings up their latest Facebook updates and gives you a handy place to chat with them — once again, without the need to navigate away from your current browsing.

These edges also have the ability to display information from certain apps and news feeds, meaning that you can browse YouTube or see the latest Apple news (or read any other RSS feed) right from within your browser’s sidebar. You don’t have to leave your current page.

And sharing webpages with RockMelt is incredibly easy — while most web browsers have a URL bar, a search bar, and a home button, RockMelt replaces the home button with a “Share” button, giving you one-click access to sharing your current webpage on Facebook or Twitter.

It might sound like there’s a lot going on, but that’s because RockMelt crams a lot of previously separated experiences into one unified application, finally providing the seamless browsing/sharing/tweeting/chatting experience that Web addicts and multitaskers have been looking for.

The best way to get a feeling for what this is like is to take a test-drive of RockMelt for yourself. Learn more about RockMelt here.

Check out a video about RockMelt:

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