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Summify helps you avoid information overload with periodic social network summaries

Between Facebook, Twitter, and all of your favorite RSS feeds, there’s a lot to keep track of every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the near-constant barrage of information available online.

Summify aims to ease the burden of checking numerous websites everyday by reducing the number of news stories and interesting topics you have to wade through online. The free service aggregates all of the hot topics from your various social networks (including all of your Google Reader RSS feeds), then sorts through them for you, sending you a periodic summary (up to four times a day) of the most popular topics.

It’s like getting a custom email with the day’s top headlines, custom-tailored to your interests, since the content comes straight from your social networks.

And, of course, there’s great social integration; while you’re reading the articles in your summary, the Summify toolbar stays on the top of the page, allowing you to share that content with any of your connected social networks. Even if you click through to an article that takes you away from the Summify site.

Forget about those thousands of unread blog posts you need to catch up on — try Summify and let someone else sort through the clutter for you.

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