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Biggest online social media events of 2009

The world of online social media played a monolithic role in the lives of millions of individuals last year, as evidenced by an L.A. Times list of “Top 10 Moments in Social Media in 2009.”

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eWEEK looks back on Google’s domination of 2009

In spite of the economic recession, Google proved indestructible in 2009. While top companies declared bankruptcy, leaving tens of thousands of employees jobless, Google’s popularity skyrocketed.

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Photo school lists 25 how-to books in digital photography

For those bewildered by the avalanche of photography books floating around on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the Digital Photography School has created a list featuring the top 25 books for photographers of all levels of expertise.

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10 gadget recommendations from CIO

CIO, a publication for technology execs, has a list that’s suited for gadget-loving info-tech types: “10 Cool Gadgets We Really, Really Want.

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10 inspiring and idiosyncratic sketchblogs

The sketchblog is a visual delight that is endless in its treasures and possibilities.

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10 classic books about the college experience

Writers of all different eras have been fascinated by the secrecy of what goes on in some of the most prestigious universities around the world.

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15 sizzling hot beach reads

The ingredients for a perfect day on the beach: sunscreen, towels, a tropical drink, and a book that will keep your mind stimulated in the heat.

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9 spots for “real” world news

Keeping up with world news is a considerable task for anyone to undertake these days.

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