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“Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech”

In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford. It’s now been viewed by millions — an inspirational message about life, death, and motivation.

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4 feature-packed HDTVs

Looking for an HDTV? Well, has picked four of the best.

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Popular Science names “brilliant 10” researchers/scientists under 40

Who are the smartest and most innovative researchers across the U.S.? The editors of Popular Science have chose this year’s “Brilliant 10”: researchers and scientists representing “the best of what science can achieve and demonstrate.”

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6 apps and websites for finding the best restaurants

Google recently acquired Zagat, the restaurant-guide company, and that should make things interesting for anyone who’s ever used one of the Zagat guides—or a service like Yelp—to find restaurants. Here’s a list of apps and websites for finding restaurants and ordering food.

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PCMag is known for its detailed reviews, and now the magazine is giving readers a chance to decide what’s the best among the latest in popular techno-gadgets: tablets and ebook readers.

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Telegraph: Why the printed book is doomed

More and more people are reading books on their Kindles and iPads and other e-reading devices, but there are still zillions of printed books being purchased, too. But is the printed book about to become a relic? Maybe so, says a writer for the Telegraph.

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3 stylish and sturdy back-to-school backpacks

Here’s what Consumer Search says about three backpacks suitable for college students, high schoolers, and others.

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Consumer Reports: 12 best back-to-school laptops, netbooks, and tablets for college students

What are the best laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers for college students? Consumer Reports took a look and evaluated the best of them.

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PCMag on the 30th anniversary of the PC

Is the PC still relevant? It sure is. And with the 30th anniversary of the PC, PCMag is taking a look at the past (and into the future).

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Brain Pickings: 14 children’s books by famous writers of “grown-up” literature

Brain Pickings is a wonderful weekly e-newsletter about culture, and it recently featured a pair of reviews of children’s books written by famous authors, from Mark Twain to Virginia Woolf.

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