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With Kickstarter, you can experience the vicarious thrill of helping to fund wonderfully creative new products dreamed up by artists, designers and inventors from around the country.

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A book to help you become an iPhone app mogul

There are plenty of books out there aimed at helping programmers build iPhone apps, but what about books for companies, consultants, and others who are looking to create apps for their organizations—or as a way to make a buck?

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11 books to teach you everything you need to know about social media and marketing

Social networking and marketing. The two obviously go hand-in-hand, as many businesses today spend countless hours and dollars on making the most of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking and micro-blogging services.

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An ever-evolving blog on photography and image manipulation for creative professionals and hobbyists ready to generate income from their art.

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Web100 is the Internet, organized.