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Create your own Twitter newspaper

With, a startup that’s currently in “alpha” mode, you can create your own Twitter newspaper. And what’s a Twitter newspaper? Well, it’s a bunch of links shared on Twitter that’s presented in a web newspaper-style format.

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The Imperfectionists: A Novel

“The Imperfectionists”

Tom Rachman’s debut novel, about a bunch of foreign correspondents in Rome, makes a splash in the literary scene.

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The Morning News

This daily online magazine commands some of the most compelling and thoughtful content available on the web. Go there now. Return everyday.

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The Hardball Times

A baseball website created by and for true enthusiasts, The Hardball Times features articles, features and analysis written by fans with a longstanding love for the game.

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Baseball Prospectus

A basic but thorough source for baseball statistics, featuring a frank and honest blog as well as a downloadable radio show.

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Web journalism continues to evolve, and if you want to see that evolution in action, you’ll start reading Slate, a publication that’s fun, literary and thoughtful.

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