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Is the Internet destroying thought?

New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani takes on the downside of the Internet, social media, and online culture in a thoughtful essay, “Texts without Context

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Shorty Awards offer kudos for Twitter info and innovation

Twitter can be used for fun. For art. For everything. That was demonstrated at the second annual Shorty Awards, an award for innovation with Twitter.

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Looking for tech experts and commentators to follow on Twitter?

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7 books to help you make sense of Twitter

Our Twitter 100 list aims to help you make sense of Twitter, but sometimes you want more than a web-based list. You want the a book.

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On Twitter: The Onion

With The Onion’s satirical, laugh-out-loud headlines in your Twitter stream, you’ll be able to tap into one of the world’s great sources of humor and parody.

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New top 100 list: Twitter 100

The list is a guide to Twitter, for everyone from newbies looking to make sense of the Twitter phenomenon to Twitter regulars hoping to find the best tools and techniques for managing their Twitter obsessions.

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Twitter for Dummies

“Twitter for Dummies”

This is a Dummies book, but it’s not just for dummies, as it takes readers through topics from getting started with Twitter to using it for business.

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Looking for a Twitter tool for your Android phone? Twidroid is among the best, supporting all of the usual services — and then some.

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URL shorteners are everywhere these days, and is among the best, connecting seamlessly with HootSuite, the top tool for managing Twitter.

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How-to: Use Twitter Lists

How do you stay organized? With lists, of course. Twitter’s lists feature is indispensable, making it possible to keep tabs on groups of twitterers.

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