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The most popular site for viral web content just got more social with its innovative and easy-to-use DiggBar.

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Feeling a bit crowded lately on Twitter? Customize groups of twitterers so you can see the most important tweets to you all at once.

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Twitter Lingo: Friend

Thought you were friends with Ashton Kutcher and Barack Obama? Think again. On Twitter, as in real life, friendship is a two-way street.

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Twitter How-to: Utilize Twitter’s RSS feeds

Keep track of your friends’ updates outside of the Twitter website with automatically-updating RSS feeds.

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Twitter How-to: Utilize links

Using links in your tweets can serve multiple purposes and enrich your Twitter experience with multimedia and personal promotion.

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Twitter How-to: Use favorites

Keep track of your favorite tweets by marking them as favorites and saving them in a safe place for later.

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Twitter How-to: Use Twitter search

With Twitter’s endlessly useful built-in search function, look for tweets about your favorite people and topics, and find new people with similar interests.

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Twitter How-to: Use direct messages

Twitter may be public, but it does allow you to send a private message, known as a direct message (or DM), to another Twitter user.

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Twitter How-to: Use hashtags

Stay up-to-date with your favorite topics on Twitter the easy way — with clickable tags embedded in your tweets.

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