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With over 20,029 online players and 12,538 free games (the last we checked, at least), is THE leading site to build or play independent video games. For contenders, quick wits and nimble thumbs earn online players badges, “level ups,” and the respect of a decidedly fickle, though well-mannered, international community of dedicated gamers and developers. At Kongregate, newbie designers honing their programming are welcomed to a wealth of features like multiplayer support, persistent data storage, high scores, and statistics. To top it all off, the mad wizards behind Kongregate’s curtain not only ensure that the game developers retain full rights to their creations, they also share their advertising and micro-transaction revenue with the site’s homepage draws. With a site this fun, intelligent, and user-friendly, everybody’s mom has suddenly never been more wrong.

Visit Kongregate.

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