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For being devoted to such a cutting-edge topic as technology, Ars Technica is surprisingly—and refreshingly—old-fashioned in its approach. Ars Technica is a site designed around the notion that “technology is the ‘art’ at the forefront of our changing world.” But, unlike other technology sites, Ars Technica is formatted like a magazine or newspaper, dishing up lengthy features in addition to news stories and reviews. So while you can read up-to-date news about the newest version of Microsoft Windows, you can also immerse yourself in the history of the music videogame genre popularized by “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Guitar Hero.” Ars Technica also features an extensive selection of guides that offer advice, tips and how-to’s for the already knowledgeable and tech-savvy reader. Tips for iPhone app developers and PC self-builders are among the common topics, as well as guides to the best gear and gadgets to buy to get the most out of your tech


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