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Google Goggles will now solve sudoku puzzles for you

You’ve probably heard of Google Goggles, the innovative service that allows users to perform a variety of web searches and other mobile tasks through the lens of a cell phone camera. Simply take a picture of a Pepsi can and Goggles will initiate a google search for you.

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5 great Android apps for killing time

If smartphones are good for anything, it’s wasting time. Whether you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office or avoiding an awkward situation on public transit, it’s always a good idea to have a few mind-numbing and entertaining apps loaded up on your Android device.

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Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

A collection of beautiful and simple Flash-based games that will challenge your gaming skills and inspire your artistic side.

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Videogame mecca Kongregate provides players and designers alike the chance to bend their thumbs, brains, and whatever else in order to make a bleep go bloop.

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Anyone looking for unique toys—in particular, toys made of wood and those encouraging active play—should check out Oompa’s selection.

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