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Gear up for college with 10 must-have iPhone apps

Heading back to college? There’s an app for that. Today’s high-tech, plugged-in college students have grown up with Google spitting out answers to any possible inquiry within five seconds. They expect the rest of their lives to be that lightning-fast. These 10 iPhone apps will help you study, party, relax and keep your sanity during those crazy college years.

  1. iStudiez Pro
    To those who may be convinced otherwise, college students are busy people. Organization just may be the most important skill to have if you want to succeed in college. Fortunately, iStudiez Pro helps you keep track of your schedule, courses and assignments in a detailed, clear format.
  2. WHERE
    At some point in college, you will look around and realize in despair that you are completely lost (at least in a physical sense). The iPhone app WHERE alleviates the uncertainty of being in a new place. With weather, traffic, restaurant reviews, Starbucks locations, movie times, events, and the ability to connect with friends on WHERE Connect, your college town will feel like home in no time.
  3. Pandora Radio
    With the demise of quality terrestrial radio, Pandora Radio creates your own personalized “stations” by generating playlists of similar songs using the names of your favorite singers. The iPhone app gives you a little song in your step as you walk to class.
  4. Purex Laundry Help
    How much detergent should I use? When do I use warm water as opposed to cold water? What’s permanent press? What do you mean I need to hand wash this? Why are all my clothes pink? Mom?! Whew … before you start freaking out about doing your own laundry, download the Purex Laundry Help app. Keep your sanity with valuable information on how to get stains out, treat specific fabrics and decipher those hieroglyphic-like symbols on care labels.
  5. Taxi!
    Don’t drive drunk — it is stupid and dangerous. Download Taxi! for your iPhone and always have a local taxi service, plus ratings and payment options, at your fingertips.
  6. Dinner Spinner
    College dining hall food gets nauseating after a while. Instead of shelling out cash for take-out, impress your friends by cooking your own meal (it can’t be that hard, right?). Dinner Spinner is a recipe arsenal for the non-culinary school undergrad. Armed with a dash of creativity, 20 minutes and a microwave (unless you have a coveted off-campus apartment with your own stove), you can whip up tasty meals to satiate any diet.
  7. College Sports News
    Cheer on your college’s teams and keep up with the latest news in the college sports world with this app. College Sports News aggregates the top stories and stats from around the web for nearly any sport imaginable, so even if you tailgate a bit too hard on game day, you can always catch up later with your team’s biggest plays.
  8. Beer Pong Challenge
    Beer Pong can be considered the unofficial official sport of college. Practice and improve your skills with the Beer Pong Challenge app so you can wow your friends when the game gets intense.
  9. 9150 Plus Great Books
    Sometimes you need to take a break from boring textbooks — and partying — to simply curl up with a good book. This app is a truly fantastic deal. Keep your brain sharp with 180 classic books, like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Wuthering Heights” and “War and Peace,” all for less than $3.
  10. 10Facebook
    Let’s face facts: Facebook is addicting and has become entwined in our daily lives. Do what I do — write one paragraph for a paper and then reward yourself with Facebook for three hours.

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