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Awesome list of awesome web conferences

So you’re a pro at Drupal or Photoshop or PHP or some other web technology. Yes, you know your stuff, but let’s face it: You need help staying current, staying on top of new trends, and learning about what’s coming down the road.

Enter the conference.

In a mega-list of conferences, Smashing Magazine tells you all about conferences for web development and graphic design professionals.

These conferences include everything from An Event Apart to Web 3.0.

As Smashing puts it:

Each year, thousands of developers, designers, and programmers from around the world gather together at conferences and events to share ideas, promote the latest technologies, and discuss best practices, standards, and emerging trends in their respective fields. For those of us who have had the privilege to participate in one or more of those events, we likely received valuable information that had a profound effect on our progress as web professionals.

So head out to a conference, and learn something.


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