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Top 10 email mishaps of recent months

As a sort of fun, Halloweentime story, Proofpoint has rounded up a bunch of email horror stories. Here’s what the company blog says:

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few spooky stories now, would it? People seem to love our regular round-ups of email blunders, so just in time for Halloween, Proofpoint put together some of the “scariest” email-related blunders, mishaps and threats from the past few months.

So what’s scary about email?

Quite a bit, according to Proofpoint.

Here’s one example:

In September, it was reported that a banking Trojan horse, dubbed URLZone, had thwarted fraud detection systems, to enable software to actually steal money while users are logged in to their accounts and display a fake balance.

Read more at Proofpoint’s roundup.

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