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The next big thing? 20 startups to watch

It’s pretty tough to predict the next big thing, but that’s what Business Insider is trying to do with its list of 20 startups to watch.

The publication “hit accelerators, spoke with VCs, and met with entrepreneurs to find hidden gems startups in Silicon Valley.”

Here are five of them:

  1. Flotype is built on the concept of  “web technology that enables everyone, from startups to enterprises, to easily build large-scale, real-time web applications.”
  2. GetAround focuses on the idea that “renting expensive items…has proven to be a promising business model.”
  3. Hotel Tonight is based in San Francisco and allows users to “make a last minute hotel reservation (hip, elegant, or basic) from your phone for a discounted price.”
  4. Dekko “wants to give users instant information about any place they take a picture of.”
  5. iDoneThis is a productivity tool which “sends users an email asking what they accomplished.”

Read more at Business Insider.

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