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The Food 100 list was written in 2010. It is no longer being updated.

31Chocolate & Zucchini

Chocolate and zucchini may not seem like the most appetizing combination, but it perfectly describes this site’s delicious mixture of healthy and sweet food.

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Offering everything from chicken to wild boar, D’Artagnan is the web’s best shopping spot for the adventurous carnivore.

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33Cooking With Amy

She’s not Emeril, but she puts the “BAM!” in “It’s BAMboozling how someone with no formal training can have such a great food blog.”

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Informative site with history, recipes, and links about molecular gastronomy, which brings together food and science.

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35Veg Cooking

A top-notch vegetarian- and vegan-friendly website, Veg Cooking has a lot of meat to it.

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36The 99 Cent Chef

This playful and inventive cooking blog teaches you how to live high on the hog without mincing your now-tender budget.

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37Look and Taste

Look and Taste is like a cooking channel that you control, featuring over 200 recipe videos from its own head chef.

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38Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants

Anyone who lives and breathes (and, yes, drinks) fine wines will love the selection at Twenty Twenty.

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Two brothers (and true beer advocates) started this website, but it is the readers who really contribute to and power it.

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40The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Climb on The Pioneer Woman’s covered wagon for hilarious anecdotes, luscious photographs, and step-by-step instructions for preparing mouthwatering meals.

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