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Don’t judge an e-book by its cover(price)

Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle e-book reader took the digital publishing world by storm when it was released in 2007, but not everyone could afford the hefty pricetag — especially for a little machine to read digital books.

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Sony exec predicts e-books will dominate print

It’s a somewhat scary thought. In five years, digital media may just overtake print. Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading business division, is convinced that the e-book market has gained so much momentum in the last few years that it is now unstoppable.

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E-books, the iPad, and a new era for self-publishing

Writers used to query literary agents and send books to traditional publishers in the hopes of making a name for themselves in the literary world.

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The Essays of Leonard Michaels

“The Essays of Leonard Michaels”

Best known for his short stories, Leonard Michaels also wrote essays, published together in this posthumous collection.

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Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays

“Changing My Mind”

Zadie Smith tackles topics from Kafka to Katherine Hepburn, from the Oscars to Obama, in “Changing My Mind,” her first collection of nonfiction.

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“Love in Infant Monkeys”

Lydia Millet’s first short story collection brings together animals and celebrities in an exploration of what it means to be human.

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A Friend of the Family

“A Friend of the Family”

Pete Dizinhoff’s righteous contentment with the life of suburban comfort he has built falters in “A Friend of the Family.”

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A Gate at the Stairs

“A Gate at the Stairs”

The compelling Tassie Keltjin comes of age in Lorrie Moore’s long-awaited novel, “A Gate at the Stairs.”

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Big World

“Big World”

“Big World” is riddled with female characters who teeter dangerously on the threshold of disaster, making this collection a disturbingly honest look into the feminine psyche.

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Shanghai Girls: A Novel

“Shanghai Girls”

A tale of two sisters, Lisa See’s “Shanghai Girls” weaves an intimate, eventful plot into the fabric of China’s recent history.

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