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Photojojo provides tutorial on light painting

As a kid, I was obsessed with photography (still am, really), and one of my favorite things was to create photographic light sculptures by leaving the shutter open and then “painting” in the frame with a sparkler or flashlight.

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List names 50 top inventions for 2009

This year will be remembered for more than the Great Recession.

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“Speed Painting Bette Davis”

Speed painting is remarkable with oils or acrylics, but Eclectic Asylum Art takes it a step further. Watch a master artist create a portrait of Hollywood legends with mascara.

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“Donna Dewberry and One-Stroke Painting”

Donna Dewberry is known for her trademark one-stroke paintings of flowers. In this instructional video, she creates a beautiful cabbage rose in less than 5 minutes.

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“Paper Transformer”

Most instructional videos are boring, but this one will help you wow your friends with an awe-inspiring paper creation.

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“Daft Hands”

While watching this intricately choreographed hand-dance, it’s difficult not to wonder just how long it took to plan.

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“Mattress Dominoes”

These people are having fun with their attempt at a world record, and it’s fun to watch — especially with all the grunts and “oomphs.”

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“Bare Essentials of Safety”

Suddenly the pre-flight safety video is less boring when you add New Zealand accents and creative body paint.

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“Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal”

One man gets creative in his marriage proposal by enlisting the help of Disney singers and dancers for a one-of-a-kind routine.

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