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3 top televisions for the 3D experience

3D movies. We’ve all watched at least one. There you are, sitting in your seat at the movie theater; popcorn in one hand, a Coca-Cola in the other, and those dreaded 3D glasses clinging to your face, giving you a painstakingly-awkward feeling comparable to your eighth grade yearbook photo.

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Best web TV shows? Mashable’s got a top 10 list

Mashable’s got an interesting—and still evolving—project to track the best web TV shows (or webisodes). Which, when you think of it, is a useful idea.

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The only 3 TV blogs you’ll ever need

If you’re into TV as much as I am, you need a daily resource (or two) to fulfill your constant hunger for all things television.

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Entertainment Weekly

A leading source for entertainment news, meaning, well, whatever entertains you, from music to movies to celebrity gossip.

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