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Top 10 iPod and MP3 gadgets

In the vast sea of MP3 players, headphones, and other portable audio accessories, not all can reign supreme.

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“Ashlee Simpson on SNL”

When Ashlee Simpson is discovered lip syncing on SNL, her way of coping is breaking out in a funky dance across the stage.

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“Naughty Little Mermaid”

A perverse take on one of Disney’s classic songs, “Part of Your World,” sung by a voice indistinguishable from the original Princess Ariel.

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“Alanis Morrissette’s Spoof of My Humps”

Fergie’s original song becomes a romantic ballad veering on the tragic in Alanis Morissette’s hilarious rendition of the classic lyrics, “My humps, my lovely lady lumps.”

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“He Wolf”

This nearly shot-for-shot remake of Shakira’s “She Wolf” video just might be the most disturbing thing you’ve seen all day

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“‘Paper Planes’ with Cats and Dogs”

The attitude of M.I.A.’s hit song combines with a wildly popular Internet meme for a quirky and funny clash of worlds.

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“Keyboard Cat”

Call it animal abuse if you want, but this classic viral video is still one of the cutest things ever.

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Gear up for college with 10 must-have iPhone apps

Heading back to college? There’s an app for that. Today’s high-tech, plugged-in college students have grown up with Google spitting out answers to any possible inquiry within five seconds.

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