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Google buzz generating lots of buzz: a roundup

Google doesn’t have to do all that much to generate buzz—the company’s pretty much a buzz machine these days—but with its launch of Google Buzz, there’s a lot to discuss and evaluate, the technology world’s buzz evaluators are going wild.

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On Twitter: Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan wants businesses to recognize Twitter is key to their development. He helps redefine community and builds up companies through social networking.

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Friend or Follow

Finding it hard to see where the twittering is mutual? Don’t trawl through your follower lists, just use Friend or Follow.

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Gear up for college with 10 must-have iPhone apps

Heading back to college? There’s an app for that. Today’s high-tech, plugged-in college students have grown up with Google spitting out answers to any possible inquiry within five seconds.

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11 books to teach you everything you need to know about social media and marketing

Social networking and marketing. The two obviously go hand-in-hand, as many businesses today spend countless hours and dollars on making the most of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking and micro-blogging services.

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An extensive social database for book lovers, Goodreads allows users to discuss new book finds and discover recommendations through a network of fellow bookworms.

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