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“David After Dentist” proves it’s possible to make money on YouTube

As it turns out, recording video of a drugged 7-year-old is not only funny — it’s also a good way to make some money online.

Business Insider reports that “David After Dentist,” that wildly popular YouTube video of a young boy’s rambling after a visit to the dentist’s office (and #18 on our Viral Video 100 list), has made David and his family around $150,000 dollars since they posted it.

It’s almost unthinkable that a simple video of a 7-year-old talking nonsense could create so much cashflow, but it’s true, and David (and his father, who filmed the video), can add their names to an impressive list of semi-famous names who are proving that YouTube fame, even thought temporary, is actually a viable way to make money in today’s heavily online world.

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