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PCMag on the 30th anniversary of the PC

Is the PC still relevant? It sure is. And with the 30th anniversary of the PC, PCMag is taking a look at the past (and into the future).

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Engadget: Toshiba Thrive tablet “doesn’t disappoint”

To be sure, “doesn’t disappoint” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. The Toshiba Thrive tablet enters a market with lots of players, with more appearing all the time.

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Is the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide the “best phone camera ever”?

Plenty of people are now using their phones as their primary cameras, too, which means buying a phone isn’t just about the communications plan, the voice quality, and whatnot. It’s also about how well it performs as a camera—and maybe as a videorecorder, too.

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Huffington Post names top 10 iPhone art apps

The iPhone is an artist’s dream, and now the Huffington Post has a useful list of what it considers the best iPhone art apps.

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3 hot mobile products at the top of users’ wish lists

Some devices everyone wants, or so it seems, and eWEEK has a report on some of the latest (and hottest) mobile products.

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Report lists the top-rated e-book readers and tablets

When it comes to tablets and e-readers, many people think there’s just Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. Is that the case? Not any longer.

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Google Plus

Google+ isn’t a Facebook killer. But is it a Twitter and Tumblr killer?

Google made a big splash with its social network, Google+, and ever since, the tech world has been calling it a Facebook killer. But for all the similarities, Facebook and Google+ are actually very different creatures, and Google+ instead seems poised to threaten the popularity of trendier social networks like Twitter and Tumblr. Here are […]

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Choosing a tablet or e-reader: 5 tips from Consumer Reports

Looking for an e-reader or a tablet, like the iPad, the Kindle, or the Galaxy Tab? Here’s some expert advice.

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Consumer Reports picks top 3 digital cameras for kids

Consumer Reports has an excellent report with information on the top digital cameras for kids.

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Ars Technica: HP TouchPad “smooth and snappy,” but “not without problems”

Another day, another tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad. Is it worthy? That depends on your perspective, of course. As many companies are realizing, it’s quite difficult to compete with the iPad, and that’s just what the HP TouchPad is trying to do.

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