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RescueTime will help combat information overload

Yes, we’re all suffering from information overload, but it’s often hard to know what to do about it. One solution: a service called RescueTime.

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3 AirPlay speakers for wonderful wireless sound

Apple’s AirPlay technology lets you stream music through your home, and do it wirelessly. Pretty cool, right? Full access to your iTunes library, without the hassles of wires. Though it’s been around a while now, we’re only now starting to see a variety of wireless AirPlay speakers.

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5 tech gifts under $100

You don’t need to spend a boatload of money to give a techno-gadget this year (or any year). In fact, you can spend less than $100. CNET has an excellent guide to technology gifts under $100.

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Compare and contrast: 5 reviews of the Kindle Fire

So you’re thinking about buying a Kindle Fire, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right tablet computer for what you want? Here are some reviews to help you decide.

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4 feature-packed HDTVs

Looking for an HDTV? Well, has picked four of the best.

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PCMag is known for its detailed reviews, and now the magazine is giving readers a chance to decide what’s the best among the latest in popular techno-gadgets: tablets and ebook readers.

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Looking for free content for your Kindle? Delivereads delivers with quality curated content

Amazon likes to brag that you can read all the newspapers and magazines you want, wirelessly, from the comfort of your Kindle. Unfortunately, the costs associated with subscribing to these publications may be a little too steep for some. Enter Delivereads, which delivers free, high-quality content to your Kindle.

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60+ ways to make Dropbox incredibly useful

Macworld’s got something of a crowdsourced uber-list of the possibilities for Dropbox, and it’s just awesome.

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Telegraph: Why the printed book is doomed

More and more people are reading books on their Kindles and iPads and other e-reading devices, but there are still zillions of printed books being purchased, too. But is the printed book about to become a relic? Maybe so, says a writer for the Telegraph.

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Consumer Reports: 12 best back-to-school laptops, netbooks, and tablets for college students

What are the best laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers for college students? Consumer Reports took a look and evaluated the best of them.

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