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The Twitter 100 list was written in 2010. It is no longer being updated.


Get your tweet on and keep track of all your other social media and work accounts at the same time.

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23Twitter Tip: Don’t lurk

If you want people to pay attention to your tweets, make sure you actually have them in the first place.

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24Twitter How-to: Utilize links

Using links in your tweets can serve multiple purposes and enrich your Twitter experience with multimedia and personal promotion.

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A full set of features and super-flexible customization options make this Twitter app a no-brainer for Android users.

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27Twitter Lingo: Tweet

If you want to be Twitter-smart, you need to know the correct way to describe the action of posting an update.

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28On Twitter: Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan wants businesses to recognize Twitter is key to their development. He helps redefine community and builds up companies through social networking.

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29On Twitter: Amazon MP3

Want to learn the latest on the music scene—and music deals? Amazon keeps you updated on the latest MP3 deals via daily Twitter updates.

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30How-to: Use Twitter Lists

How do you stay organized? With lists, of course. Twitter’s lists feature is indispensable, making it possible to keep tabs on groups of twitterers.

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