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Echofon Firefox Extension

Convenient Twitter extension for the Firefox web browser that enables users to post and view updates from friends along with other basic Twitter functions.

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Not many surprises in CNN list of 2009 tech trends

Facebook, smartphones, digital books… There aren’t many surprises in a CNN list of the top 10 tech trends from 2009.

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Off-the-charts numbers about info-overload

A new report documents the astonishing information overload we’re experiencing from the web, Twitter, Google, and other sources.

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3 reasons to love Snow Leopard

A couple years back, I wrote a column with an immodest proposal: Companies like Apple and Microsoft should put all new features and functionality on hold for five years and focus on stability and simplicity.

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Boing Boing

Looking for a website that brings you a little bit of everything, is a little unpredictable and always fun? Check out Boing Boing.

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3 cool Bluetooth gadgets

With all of the attention surrounding the WiFi standard for wireless Internet access, Bluetooth sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

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A modern take on the traditional treasure hunt, Geocaching users seek out “geocaches” based on GPS location while logging and sharing their adventures.

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Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a comprehensive technology site that offers news, reviews and guides to the tune that technology is art.

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3 top stores for refurbished products

To the uninitiated, buying a refurbished product may seem like a compromise, as if you’re settling for a product likely to have dents, scratches, or unknown problems.

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